Marceaux’s Essay Writing

I always have that one student in every composition class who challenges me, “Oh, yeah, it’s easy for you to assign all this writing; you’re not having to do it!” Well, you know what? That student is absolutely right; I don’t get a chance to write with them because of the overwhelming and often mundane tasks that go along with teaching a class, so I resolved to change that. If I’m going to preach that writing is fun, and writing is easy, the least I can do is show them that this is indeed true. This semester I’ll participate in the in-class drafting along with them, and I’m going share what I’ve written here.

I also have them participate in peer-review, where they share their work with other classmates. At the beginning of the semester most of my students are leery and reluctant about sharing, and I’ll admit, the act of putting thoughts to paper is hard enough for many; it is seriously nerve-wracking to have to let someone else look at it and critique it. I’m going to share what I’ve written with my classes, and I’m also going to share it here. You know what? That is a little scary; I’m feeling some heart-palpitations myself!

Please remember that these writings are drafts; be kind. Thanks and enjoy.

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