The Well

The Well

By Anson Mount and Branan Edgens

This is what the description says on iTunes:

We dive deep into the creative source behind some of today’s most interesting artists, thinkers and innovators to find out how they stepped outside of the expected. Tired of interviews with celebrities answering all the same questions that have already been asked a thousand times? Good. So are we. Instead, we focus on that thing you didn’t know they do: The thing they do for inspiration.

Anson Mount, of Hell On Wheels and The Inhumans, does most of the interviewing (luckily), and the list of interviewees is sort of impressive.

In one episode, Ken Leung (Star Wars, Lost) talks about the loss of his brother and how Rocky (the movie) helped him cope with the chaos and loss. In another, the actor Iwan Rheon (the despicable Ramsey of Game of Thrones), talks about his musical endeavors. I discovered that, although I wasn’t that into his musical style, he seems to be completely mis-cast as Ramsey because he seems to be quite a delightful guy.

My favorite episode was their first–“The Two Brothers” in which a marine investigator tells “the rest of the story” of The Essex, the whaleship attacked by a sperm whale, the event on which Melville based his Moby Dick.

The episodes are uplifting, inspirational, and highly entertaining. Mount is a really good interviewer, and that voice could melt butter.