Monogrammed Burlap Table Runners

We made 20 of these burlap table runners for Kalie and Brant’s wedding reception; 10 with the M monogram and 10 with Brant’s brand. Each was about 12 inches wide and 20 feet long, long enough to cover two 8′ tables. We only finished one end because the other end was against the wall and didn’t show. See detailed instructions below.




35 yards of 48″ wide burlap (or 45 yards if burlap is less than 48″ wide)

2 or 3 spools of burlap colored thread

2 (20″x 12″) rolls of vinyl/film, IRON-ON T-shirt heat transfer; or purchased iron-on transfers of your choice (if you’re not up for the Cricut challenge)

Cricut Explore cutting machine

sewing machine


pressing cloth


It’s best to work in an outdoor location because burlap makes quite a mess. We set up my sewing machine in our shop and did all our cutting and sewing out there; by the end of the day, the shop was swarming with burlap “dust bunnies” and we were all sneezing.

1. Cut burlap into 20′ lengths; cut each length into 3 or 4 (depending on the width) 12″x 20′ strips. We did piece together a few from scraps that were not 20′ long. The centerpieces covered the seams.

If the burlap has a bound selvage edge, it’s easier to cut it off and start from the cut edge.  We measured each 12″ length and then pulled a thread all the way down the 20′ length and used that as our cutting line.

2. Cut one end of each strip to a point; fold the strip in half lengthwise and measure up 7″ from the raw edge (not on the folded edge), make a fold from that point to the middle and finger-press to make a crease. Unfold the strip and cut a “V” following the crease.

3. Sew a simple straight running stitch along the two 20′ lengths, and the “V” edge; zigzag stitch the short edge. *You may have to adjust the tension on your sewing machine when working with burlap.

4. And this is the FUN part:  Start pulling threads and raveling the edges. Pull all the threads from the cut edge to the stitched line all the way down the length of both 20′ edges, then pull the threads on the “V” edge. Working with a straight pin to pull these threads seemed to work well.

5. Design your monograms and cut them from the Cricut cutting machine. (I could write a book about how to accomplish this, but you’ll have to figure that one out yourself) or simply buy iron-on transfers.

10 (5″x 5″) M monograms cut from vinyl/film,IRON ON T-shirt heat transfer  *cut using mirror image

10 (5″x5″) brand monograms cut from vinyl/film *cut using mirror image

6. Position each monogram in the center of the pointed edge of the runner, about 3″ from the bottom and iron on.

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