Sammi and Vic’s Birthday

So, while contemplating what I could possibly get for my niece and nephew (turning 21 and 18, respectively), and scrolling through Pinterest’s DIY boards,  I got an idea. I hope they like it.

First, the supply list:

2 (12×24″) watercolor canvases,

acrylic paint; 2 shades of whatever color theme you choose. I used a neutral brown: espresso and burnt umber

2 small sponges

Cricut cutting machine and laptop

1 (12×12″) sheet adhesive vinyl, gold

1 (12×12″) sheet adhesive vinyl, dark brown

Cricut cutting mat

Now, how I did it:

I bought the watercolor canvases at Hobby Lobby


I already had on hand  these acrylic paints and small sponges. I only used 2 of the brown paints;  espresso and burnt umber.


With a fairly wet sponge, I lightly dampened the entire canvas. With the damp sponge dipped in a small amount of the espresso paint, I sponged the edges with the burnt umber paint. I then sort of spread the paint around the edges and added just a little of the espresso color. I dragged a clean dampened sponge over the canvas to give it its aged appearance. I let them dry completely while I moved to my trusty Cricut and my laptop.



I searched around until I found the swirly image that I liked, uploaded it, sized it (10″ wide and 6″ tall), then cut it from the gold adhesive-backed vinyl.

Working with a Cricut machine is not simple, no matter what the company proclaims. Usually, much inappropriate language accompanies any project I tackle, and this proved no exception. I’ll leave out most of the minute details involved with using the machine, so contact me for more detailed instructions if you want to.

So after the design is cut from the vinyl, I weed the excess away, rub the transfer paper over the design and lift it from its backing, position it in the canvas, then rub the back-side of the canvas to transfer it. Lastly, i very carefully peel the transfer paper away, leaving the design affixed to the canvas.


I then searched for a nice cursive font for the names; I finally chose Edwardian Script, which was one of the free fonts. Positioning and sizing the letters caused the majority of cursing. After I got the names cut, weeded, and transferred, I positioned the remainder of the gold vinyl back on the cutting mat and cut the name meanings. I used the Stone Script free font. I did a google search for name meanings; Vic’s was easy, but I wound up using the meaning for “Samuel” for Sammi’s name because I like it more than “Samantha’s.”


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