Ladder Centerpiece

ladderThe bride-to-be and our wonderful helpers setting up for the wedding shower.

And here’s the finished product! I think it turned out so beautiful. We incorporated meaningful elements that  gave it a personal touch.

ladder1First, I begged Reese to give up his beloved wooden step-ladder. It was so rickety that we had to do a little refurbishing on it, then I gave it a coat of dove gray paint followed by a couple coats of white. I had quart-sized cans of both, and I’d added about 1/4 cup of sanded grout mix to each to make my version of chalk paint.

After the paint dried somewhat, I sanded the edges with my mouse sander and made it antique-y looking. Then, with a bit of old t-shirt, I distressed the sanded areas with some cordovan colored shoe polish. Just dabbed it on the raw, sanded spots to give it that distressed, dirty look and wiped the excess away. Done!

I set it up on the bar in the shop and decorated it comme ca:

  •  There’s an arrow across the back of the ladder that Brant used to kill several hogs and deer.
  • The two green plant holders belonged to my grandmother, Nanny. We filled them with hens-and-chicks and baby’s breath, Kalie’s wedding flowers.
  • We cut down a couple of birch trees in our yard, and I had the boys saw some of the large branches into varied lengths, then I used a cordless drill with a wide paddle bit to hollow out holes on one end of them large enough and deep enough to stick glass votive cups into. I sprayed the branches with clear spray sealer, stuck the votive holders in the tops and added electronic tea light candles.
  • Brant stenciled his brand on the glass of a chalk-painted frames using black spray paint.
  • I purchased the three metal letters half-price at Hobby Lobby; I paid less than $20 for the three letters.
  • The ropes of pearls are plastic Mardi Gras beads I had on hand.

Voila!  Gorgeous, ne est-ce pas?


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