Crafty Christmas Gifts

I made these for some of my friends and family for Crafty Christmas presents. Hope they like them!

These have the Scottish thistle design which I made for my Outlander friends.
These have the Scottish thistle design which I made for my Outlander friends.

Here’s what I did.

Materials for 3 mufflers, 15 inches wide by 90 inches long including 6 inch fringe on either end:

2 1/2 yards of flannel Tartan plaid, 44-45 inches wide

thread to match

Cricut cutter

1 iron-on vinyl sheet

Step 1:

Divide the fabric into 3 equal strips the length of the fabric, about 15 inches wide. I simply measure my widths, make small snips on the lengthwise ends, and then tear the strips.

Measure up 6 inches from the end each of short end and sew a straight stitch across both ends. This will serve as your guide for making the fringe.

Step 2:

Iron the long edges and hem, (I used a narrow zig-zag stitch) beginning and ending your hemming 6 inches above each long end.

Step 3:

To make fringe at each end, make small (3/4 inch) snips in the fabric in about 3/4 inch widths across both short ends, then tear strips up to the 6 inch stitch line. Now comes the fun part; pull out as many of the loose threads as you can, then with each 3/4 inch strip do the following:

twist the strip tightly, then tie a knot in the strip at its base, close to its top. Then continue to twist             tightly until the strip starts to double back on itself. Grasping the twist tightly, tie a knot at the very           end of the fringe and pull tight. The twist will unwind some, but should stay twisted. Repeat for all the     strips on both ends of the muffler.

On a couple of them, I pulled all the cross threads, then double-twisted the strands. It looked much           more professional, but it was 10 times more work, I had a pile of little threads all over my floor,                   furniture, and clothes, and my fingers were destroyed.

Step 4: (And this step required a Cricut or some other brand of cutting machine)

On the Cricut Design Space website, find the design you like, (for some I uploaded a Scottish thistle, for some I did first names, and for some I did initials). Place the iron-on vinyl shiny side down on the cutting mat, and choose mirror-image before cutting (I messed up a couple of times on these steps).

Cut the design in the vinyl, weed the excess vinyl away from the design, and position on the end of the muffler, shiny side up.   Using a pressing cloth and an iron set on its highest heat setting, iron the design on to the end of the muffler. Let cool for a minute, then peel the clear plastic off and, using the pressing cloth, iron again to set your design.


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