Burlap Ring-Bearer’s Pillow

ringbearer_pillow  I whipped up this ring-bearer’s pillow from the scraps we had left from our other burlap projects. I had a small (6″x6″ I think) pillow form, so I made a cover for it using a darker brown burlap. We thought the darker shade would be a nice contrast to the khaki colored tux Kale would be wearing.

I used some ivory flat lace and satin ribbon we had lying around and the green ribbon I’d used for the bouquets.

I made the flower by folding and twisting a length of the lighter colored burlap (this was by far the most difficult part of the entire project).

I had some stray pearls that I glued on the flower, and a couple of pieces of pearl floral spikes I stuck on.

We tied the rings on and sent Kale down the aisle with it.

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