New Line: Pillows

I’m trying my hand, and sewing skills, at a new line: sofa pillows! Check them out!!ipad 682I inherited this distressed brown leather hide from the saddle shop because it is just too light to use, but I found it’s the perfect weight for pillows. And it looks really sharp with the “sunflower” gator. I added a row of flat brass rivets and hand-cut fringe on either side, and I’m quite happy with the results. This was a gift for my cousin, Laura, for hosting us for the week-end in Port Aransas. I sure hope it survived the storm!

ipad 684I had a fake-fur covered bolster that was looking sort of shabby, so I ripped the old fabric off and recovered it with this hair-on hide. ipad 686

I have to admit that the ends were a 2-man job, and the hubs graciously stepped away from his own work to help me put this together. ipad 687

I really like the horse-hair tassels. ipad 688ipad 691

Goes so well with my leather furniture!


IMG_1876I have a huge stack of old, faded, stained, worn jeans that I’ve been collecting since my sons were in high school, so I put a couple of them to good use. If you look closely enough, you can see the stains are still there– *character*IMG_1877

Then I thought, “Well, what’s more Western than pearl snaps?” (Cheap bourbon whiskey, anyone?) So I added rows of pearl snaps and stainless flat rivets, and I tried my hand at the classic buck-stitch, cuz ya’ know *Western* This pair of pillows has a double row of hand-cut fringe on each side to add a two-dimensional look. I love the look, but boy, is it ever time-consuming.

But the finished product is well-worth the time and effort. IMG_1881