Handcrafted Leather Products by Teresa for Marceaux Saddlery

Our trip to Wyoming was so inspiring that we invested in a new leather sewing machine; lighter than the heavy-duty saddle machine we had, this one is great for light- to mid-weight leather and heavy-duty fabrics. I’ve been trying my hand at it, and I’m quite pleased with the results.

Here are a few of the projects I’ve done so far:

This is a mock-up in upholstery fabric. I wanted to get an idea of the degree of difficulty for this pattern, so this is from some fabric I had stored away. I can just imagine it in a luxurious leather. I’ll work on it soon.

Overnighter, zippered top, velcro side pocket on one side, zippered pocket on the other.
Overnighter, zippered top, velcro side pocket on one side, zippered pocket on the other.
inside lining and pockets
inside lining and pockets

So then I moved on to working with leather. I’d brought back a really cool piece of turquoise leather from Sheridan along with a couple of heavy woven placemats I’d picked up at King’s Saddlery. IMG_1020  IMG_1021 Not bad for a first attempt; however, I must admit that for every good seam I made, I’d ripped out at least two bad ones. I love this design; the shoulder sling is very comfortable, and the outside pocket (which had magnets holding it closed) is great for keeping keys, sunglasses, and other miscellany handy. The long zipper opening makes access easy. This has become my go-to design; it’s incredibly versatile.

Well, I’d sort of gotten the hang of it, so this was my next attempt:

IMG_1018  Reese bought me a side of purple and a side of yellow leather from Springfield Leather in Springfield, MO, so here’s my attempt at an LSU bag. I used my Cricut cutter to make the vinyl “Eye of the Tiger” emblem. IMG_1017   I used a cheetah print fabric for the liner, but my next one will have LSU fabric. IMG_1019   I’m also in the market for electric blue leather so I can make some McNeese bags. A couple of my friends in Arkansas have asked if I can make red and white Razorback ones, so we’ll have to see about that, too.

I got to feeling much more confident with my mad sewing skills, so I moved on to this beauty. As you can see, my craftsmanship improves with each one I make. This one was the first one that I said, “Okay, that came out well.” IMG_1015 IMG_1012

This purse has stainless hardware, a Velcro phone pocket on its side and a magnetic close pocket on the back side. It is fully lined, with one large inside pocket and two smaller ones on the opposite side. IMG_1013IMG_1014

My next creation was this large book-bag style. The alligator print pockets on the outside and the stainless dees really give it an elegant look.


It is large enough to hold manila folders and sturdy enough for long-lasting use.  IMG_1007 The outside pockets and the interior of the bag are lined with tartan fabric. Inside the bag is one large pocket and two smaller Velcro-closure pockets on the other side. IMG_1008

I’m coming up with some new designs, which I will post as I finish. If you are interested in having me custom-make one for you or as a gift, please contact me for specifics and pricing.

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