Reese’s Dutch Oven Fruit Cobbler

Mom and Dad’s favorite—We made this every night at the State Finals Rodeo and served it after the rodeo with homemade vanilla ice cream. Kids would abandon their ropes and line up for this tasty treat.

Line a heavy cast iron Dutch oven with heavy-duty foil. Heat 24 bar-b-que briquettes until white in a charcoal chimney.

Crust Layer:
2 cups evaporated milk 2 cups sugar
2 cups flour 2 tspns. vanilla
6 tspns. baking powder pinch of salt
Mix crust ingredients together and pour into foil-lined Dutch oven.

Fruit Layer:
2 cans fruit pie filling (we like apple, peach or blueberry but use any you like)
3 pats butter cinnamon

Pour fruit pie filling into center of crust mixture, place the butter on top, and sprinkle lightly with cinnamon.

Pour half the hot briquettes in a circle the diameter of the Dutch oven on the ground.
Cover Dutch oven and place the oven on top of coals in the pit and place the other half of the hot coals on top of the Dutch oven. Cook about 40 to 50 minutes in the hot coals.

Carefully lift off cover, cut pie into wedges and serve, preferably over home-made vanilla ice cream.

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