Shower Punch

This is a great punch if you are hosting a bridal or baby shower. Serves about 30.

6 cups water 1 (46 oz.) can pineapple juice
6 cups sugar 1 (6 oz.) can frozen lemonade
2 small boxes Jello ( you decide the flavor) fresh fruit decorations*
1 sm. bottle almond extract 1 (3-liter) 7-Up

Bring water to a boil and add sugar. Remove from heat and add Jello; stir well. Add extract and juices and fresh fruit. Pour into watertight containers or gallon Ziplocs and freeze overnight. About 1 hour prior to the shower, remove from freezer and place in large punch-bowl. Pour chilled 7-Up over mixture.

*use strawberries, grapes, pineapple chunks, mint leaves or anything that looks pretty.

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