Shawnee bound 

You know how sometimes you meet someone and you’re just immediately intrigued? Well first day of classes for Spring 16, in walked this beautiful young girl and I just knew that we would become friends. She just had a certain style  about her, and I was intrigued. As the semester rocked along, it became evident that this girl was the total package-brains, beauty and panache galore!!  We quickly struck up a friendship, limited to the teacher/student level; her commenting on my leather cuff bracelets and me complimenting her groovy wardrobe choices (vintage denim, long ropes of pearls, and nerdy/cool glasses) but when she handed me her final essay in May I handed her my card with my personal contact info. She handed me her card (of course, she’s a designer) and asked if I’d like to add a few of my cuffs to her inventory. 

#daddyshirtllc  #savanahgoodner

Check her out; she’s absolutely adorable!!

Here are some pics of the cuffs I did for her. She will be in Shawnee, OK this week if you’re in the area.  

This is a triple-wrap, and it’s long enough to use as a hatband, too.

Wish I could get my hands on some more of this turquoise leather; guess I’ll have to make another run to Cheyenne!!

This one is my favorite. I’m making a new purse from the cream-colored leather, and it’s looking kinda great!  

This shows the back-side with what I call a strap an snap closure.        

One more triple-wrap.

Oh, and I sent this little hair-on


cross-body bag with her, too. I was trying my hand at Mexican flat braid. Not bad!

  It comes with two detachable straps; one, a flat double-stitched leather, the other a dressier silver chain. It has one zippered pocket, and two pockets under the flap. 
 Thanks so much Savanah. Hope to do lots more together. 

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