My newest creations

Since it’s been raining every weekend around here, I’ve had plenty of time to work on my crafts.imageHere are three of my shoulder-sling style bags I just finished.Two of them have 100% hand-loomed wool fabric fronts and backs. The backsides have a pocket with magnetic closures; great for keeping keys, sunglasses, and other small items handy. The sides and straps are full-grained biker/chap leather. One side features a cell phone pocket with Velcro closure, and the loop at the top is great for hanging (on restroom door hooks, for example).

image  The one in the middle is 100% leather; its front and its back pocket are gator embossed biker/chap leather and its back and sides are pebble grained chap leather.  The leather is super supple, yet sturdy. They are all fully lined with cotton fabric and have two inner pockets. image I love this shoulder-sling style; it hugs your body, so it’s out of the way and doesn’t flop forward every time you lean forward. And it can be worn on either shoulder.  I especially love the cell phone pocket; it keeps a phone handy but secure. You won’t have to worry about it slipping out or dropping to the floor. The outside pocket is also fabric lined, so sunglasses don’t scratch, and the magnetic closures keep keys inside but easy to grab.

These would make great Christmas gifts, so if you are interested please message me for pricing and details. I’d appreciate it. I’m working on some new designs, so stay tuned. 

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