Christmas 2013

I had a true brainstorm last December when it came time to assemble my Christmas tree. I wanted to do something different, so I was walking around the house and shop, looking for inspiration, when I spied some dusty, cob-webby big-horn sheep skulls that we’d collected in Sterling City, TX.

“AHAHA!” I thought, quickly followed by, “Hmmm, how’m I gonna talk Reese into using his precious collection as Christmas decorations?” And this was followed by, “Eww! These things are really dirty; it’s gonna be alot of work to clean all this crap up so I can bring it inside without unleashing a bunch of insects in my house.”

By the end of the day, and after much dusting, cleaning, and de-bugging, here are the results; what I termed “the tree of skulls.”

1397282_695245297176087_1069890060_o 1462665_695243977176219_407852397_o 1484051_695244730509477_1448326912_o 1497918_695246913842592_26741515_o906217_695247807175836_2031660202_o

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